25.1 – Spring 2011: Table of Contents


Editor’s Notes
By Clinton Machann


  • Creating an Alternative Rhetoric Through Theatre During the Height of Authoritarian Control in Communist Czechoslovakia
    By Todd Ruecker
  • Václav Myslivec, A Man Between Christian Socialism, Christian Democracy, and Catholic Conservatism: An Outline of a Political Biography
    By Pavel Marek
  • Philip Roth’s and Josef Škvorecký’s Alter Ego in Igor Hájek’s Comparative Perspective
    By Karolina Slamová
  • Josef Šnabl, Ondřej Ludvík and the Artistic Company of 1920: Journeys of Life, Musical Performance and Research
    By Michael Cwach
  • Ferdinand Peroutka’s Exile Activities and His Loyalty to The United States
    By Francis D. Raška


  • The Riches of Diminutives and Augmentatives in Czech
    By Zdeněk Salzmann
  • Jan Kollár in the Context of Panslavic Discourse 1830-1848
    By Jelena Milojković-Djurić
  • Karel Teige and Modern Typography
    By Eric Dluhosch
  • The Narrative Aspect of History: A Case Study of Texas Moravians
    By Joseph N. Rostinsky and Kenji Hotta
  • Destinies of Two WW2 Czechoslovak Soldiers
    By Jan Klinka


  • My Life Story
    By Herbert Löwit


  • Bohumil Hrabal. Vita Nuova. Trans. by Tony Liman. Evanston, Illinois:
    Northwestern University Press, 2010. ISBN: 978-0-8101-2546-9.

    By Tracy A. Burns
  • Patrick Crowhurst. Germany and Czechoslovakia 1938-1947: Domination,
    Exploitation and Revenge. Loughborough, England: Self-Published, 2010.
    292 pp.

    By Zdeněk V. David
  • Cosmas of Prague: The Chronicle of the Czechs. Trans. by Lisa Wolverton.
    Washington, D. C.: Catholic University of America Press, 2009. ISBN:
    978-0-8132-1570-9. 274 pp.

    By Marcela K. Perett
  • The Prague Spring and the Warsaw Pact Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968:
    Forty Years Later. Ed. and comp. by M. Mark Stolarik. Mudelein: Bolchazy-
    Cardocci, 2010. 310 pp. ISBN 978-0-86516-751-3 and ISBN 978-0-

    By James W. Peterson
  • Up the Devil’s Back: A Bilingual Anthology of 20th-Century Czech Poetry.
    Bronislava Volková and Clarice Cloutier, eds. and trans. Bloomington,
    IN: Slavica Publishers, 2008. xvi. 470 pp. ISBN 978-0-89357-362-1.

    By Zdeněk Salzmann
  • Francis D. Raška. Fighting Communism from Afar: The Council of Free
    Czechoslovakia. Boulder: East European Monographs, 2008. 209 pp.
    IBSN: 978-88033-626-0.

    By Mary Hrabík Šámal