14.2 – Spring 2001: Table of Contents


  • Bohemian Voice: The Forgotten First Journal about the Czechs in English
    By David Chroust
  • An Unlikely Partnership: The Search for Peace and Understanding in East Central Europe, 1910-1914
    By T. Mills Kelly
  • A Fish Out of Water? Democracy and the HZDS (Movement for a Democratic Slovakia)
    By Catriona Menzies
  • The Sacred and the Velvet Revolution
    By James Krapfl
  • Texas Czech: A Study in Language Death
    By C.S. “Woody” Smith
  • The Future of Czech in Texas: “How Can You Learn Something If It’s Not Offered to You?”
    By Lida Dutkova-Cope
  • Memories of the Masaryks in Moravia: Part 2 – Conclusion
    By Gordon Skiffing


  • The Problems of a Newly Born Democracy and Market Economy Ten Years after the Collapse of Communism
    By Vaclav Klaus


  • Seeking the Holy Grail: For Muriel
    By Josef Skvorecky


  • Stanislava Kucerova and others. Bilance a vyhledy stredu Evropy na prahu 21. stoleti: Uvahy, svedectvi a fakta k 10. vyroci ceskoslovenskeho listopadu, 1989-1999 a k 150. vyroci narozeni T. G. Masaryka, 1850-2000. Brno: Konvoj, 2000.
    By Ivo K. Feierabend
  • Machann, Clinton and James W. Mend!, translators and editors. Czech Voices, Stories from Texas in the Amerikan Narodni Kalendar. Texas A&M University Press, 1991, second ed. 1998.
    By Mila Saskova-Pierce