15.2 – Spring 2002: Table of Contents


  • The German Social Democratic Party of Czechoslovakia: From Abstention to Activism By Fred Hahn
  • Rilke’s Non-Nationalism: A Bohemian Model
    By Jenifer Cushman
  • Josef Vaclav Sladek (1845-1912) as an Interpreter and Example of the Czech-American Experience
    By David Z. Chroust
  • Approaches to Using On-line Resources in Czech Language Pedagogy
    By Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya
  • Seifert’s “U okna”: A Legacy of Isolation
    By Clarice Cloutier


  • From the Danube to the Bosphorus: Three Translations of Early Czecho-Slovak Texts on Turkish Captivity
    Translated, with commentary, by Charles Sabatos


  • Meetings with Vojtech By Tracy Burns


  • A Conversation with Martin Hilsky
    By Alexander Shurbanov


  • Vaclav Havel. The Beggar’s Opera. Trans. by Paul Wilson. Introduction by Peter Steiner. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2001.
    By Marketa Goetz-Stankiewicz
  • Gary B. Cohen. Nemci v Praze 1861-1914. Trans. by Jana Madlerova. Prague: Karolinum, 2000.
    By T. Mills Kelly