22.2 – Spring 2009: Table of Contents

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR, by Clinton Machann


  • British Liberalism in the Czech National Awakening
    By Zdenek V. David
  • Jan Palarik (1822 – 1870): A Slovak Liberal Politician
    By Josette Baer
  • The Nose Keeps Walking: 20th Century Loss of Body Parts in Russian, Hungarian and Czech Literature
    By Clarice Cloutier
  • The Role of Young Europe in the Slavic World
    By Anna Procyk
  • The Good Dissident Svejk: An Exploration of Czech Morality and Cultural Survival
    By Heidi Bludau
  • “If You Don’t Help Us We Will Be Bad Off”: Social Boundaries of a Czech Family and its Perception of America in the 1920s
    By Raymond D. Screws


  • Performing Revolution: Case Study of Three Czech Authorial Theatres During the 1980s
    By Karen M. Burke
  • Pursuing the Bohemian Identity of Martinus Hermanzen Hoffman, an Early Settler in the 17th Century’s New Amsterdam: Fact, Legend or Hoax?
    By Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.
  • Everyday Spooks: Timeless Fables
    By Tracy Burns
  • Sappho Boemica: A Reading of Jaroslav Vrchlicky’s “Sapfo”
    By Robert Sklen
  • A Report From the Conference “1968: A Global Perspective,” Prague Spring Panel
    By Tim West