18.1 – Fall 2004: Table of Contents


  • The American Lecture Tour of Vavro grobar and Vaclav Stanislav Maule in 1923
    By Daniel E. Miller
  • American Daily Newspaper Perceptions of the 1938 Munich Crisis
    By Gregory C. Ference
  • Water or Steam Power? Mining in Central Slovakia From the Eighteenth Century and the Search for an Efficient Source of Power
    By Patrick Crowhurst


  • Could Czechoslovakia Have Been Saved in September 1938 and the Myths of Munich: New Research and Old Problems
    By Milan Hauner
  • Edvard Benes, Democracy Today and Tomorrow after Sixty-five Years
    By Mojmir Povolny
  • The Czech and Slovak Presence at the Metropolitan Opera
    By Dagmar Hasalova White
  • Postcards from Spillville: Growing Up in an Iowa Czech Community
    By Diane Sbiral Haegele
  • Journal from Prague: An American and the European Union
    By Tracy A. Burns


  • “Exile”
    By Neal Orkin and Adam Heese


  • Bronislava Volkova. Promeny/Transformations. 1st edition, Bloomington: Explorer Editions, 2000. 2nd Expanded edition, Prague: Explorer Editions, 2001. 205 pp. ISBN 0971913005.
    By Deborah Garfinkle
  • Hana Prazakova. Nadeji tu zijem (Here We Live in Hope) Havlickuv Brod: Hejkal, 2001. 144 pp. ISBN 80-86026-11-6.
    By Mary Hrabik Samal