16.2 – Spring 2003: Table of Contents


  • Clementis’s Hat; or, Is Kundera a Palimpsest?
    By Peter Bugge
  • A Very British Bohemian? The Reception of Milan Kundera and his Work in Great Britain
    By Michelle Woods
  • “A Python Can Have Up to Three Tongues”: The Use of Multiple Languages in the Poetry of Ivan Blatny
    By Julie Hansen
  • The Program of the Czech Catholics’ Modernist Movement: A Defense of the Church or a Path to Heresy
    By Pavel Marek
  • On the History of the Application of Occupational and Organizational Psychology in Heavy Industry in the Ostrava Region
    By Karel Paulik


  • Notes on Disputes with and about T. G. Masaryk
    By Jaroslav Opat
  • Breakup of Czechoslovakia Predicted in 1921
    By Carmen Mayerova
  • The University of Nebraska’s Josef Josten Papers
    By Jean Dickinson
  • Reflections on Assimilation and Language Death in Czech-Moravian Texas
    By Kevin Hannan
  • Vaclav Havel Feuilleton
    By Tracy Anne Burns


  • From Edison
    By Viterslav Nezval
    A New Translation By Ewald Osers