21.1 – Fall 2007: Table of Contents


  • The Czech National Awakening and the Bohemian Reformation in Recent Historiography
    By Zdenek V. David
  • Aleksandr Pypin and the Czech Awakeners
    By Andrew M. Drozd
  • International Activities of the Council of Free Czechoslovakia
    By Francis D. Raska


  • Bronislava Volkova: Scholar, Artist, and Teacher
    By Matthew Konieczny
  • Journey with My Lost Father
    By Ivan Margolius
  • Svejk vs. Cimrman: A Comparison in Satire
    By Thomas Hauner


  • From Frenstat, Moravia, to Fayette County, Texas -A Chronicle of Two Brothers: Jan and Ferdinand Pribyl
    By Bette Stockbauer


  • An Interview with Hugo Demartini
    By Mary Hrabik Samal
  • The Residency in Czech Music and Culture at the University of North Texas, in Partnership with the Czech Educational Foundation of Texas: An Interview with Thomas Sovik.
    By Mary Benedetti