21.2 – Spring 2008: Table of Contents


  • The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
    By Vaclav Paces
  • The Coronations of Queen Maria: Reaching Beyond Religious Divisions in Prague, Frankfurt am Main, and Bratislava, 1562-1563
    By Joseph F. Patrouch
  • The “Eastern-Orthodox Crisis” in the Czechoslovak Church Through Eyes of the Old-Catholics: Cooperation, or Merger? Reflections on the Corollary of Czech Catholic Modernism
    By Pavel Marek
  • Don’t Look Back, Orpheus: “Before” and “After” in the Poetry of Rio Preisner
    By Charles S. Kraszewski
  • The Kingdom of God Is in Texas
    By Theresie M. West


  • Love Conquering Death and Distorted Reality in The Year of the Frog
    By Tracy A. Burns
  • My American Adventures
    By Zdenek Salzmann
  • The Texas Czech Dialect Project
    By John Tomecek


  • Bohuslava Bradbrook. A Handbook of Czech Prose Writing 1940-2005. Brighton/Portland: Sussex Academic Press, 2007. 156 pp. ISBN 1-84519-173-0.
    By Jan Klinka
  • Melissa Feinberg. Elusive Equality: Gender, Citizenship, and the Limits of Democracy