14.1 – Fall 2000: Table of Contents


  • Beckovsky, Dobner, and the Jews: Vaclav Hajek’s Successors and Followers in Bohemia
    By Zdenek V. David
  • Black Monks: Jozef Tiso and Anti-Semitism
    By James Ward
  • Masaryk in Search of Dostoevsky
    By Joseph N. Rostinsky
  • From Czech to English: Interrelations of Tense and Aspect
    By Susan C. Kresin
  • Bohemica (and Slovakiana) as a Search Problem in Anglo-American Library Catalogs
    By David Z. Chroust
  • Memories of the Masaryks in Moravia
    By G. Skiffing
  • Cultural Contributions of Americans with Roots in Slovakia
    By Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.


  • A Speech by Vaclav Havel, President of the Czech Republic on the Occasion of “Vaclav Havel’s Civil Society Symposium”


  • An Interview with Jan Kaplan (22 May, 2000)


  • Excerpts from From the Barbaric Night: the Autobiography of Jan Chryzostom Korec By Peter Siska


  • Sergej Machonin. Pribeh se zavorkami (Alternativy) / Story with Parentheses (Alternatives). Brno: Atlantis, 1995.
    By Mila Saskova-Pierce