20.2 – Spring 2007: Table of Contents


  • Revenant Spirits in Slovak Folk Narrative Poems
    By Charles S. Kraszewski
  • The Meaning of NATO Enlargement for the Former Czechoslovakia
    By Petr Andel
  • Bonn’s Complex Relations with Washington as a Background for West German Policy towards Czechoslovakia in 1968
    By Vit Fojtek


  • Remembering Joseph G. Svoboda
    By Stan Marsik
  • The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Medzilaborce, Slovakia
    By Julius Gajdo&scaron
  • The Gentle Art of Flashing Arrows
    By Martin Svoboda
  • Behind the Rusted Curtain: A Czech-American’s Insight Into the Totalitarian Culture of Belarus
    By Frank J. Prochaska


  • Jan Vidar. Imprints: Essays on Czech Music and Aesthetics. Olomouc: Palacky University; Prague: Togga, 2005. 251 pp. ISBN: 80-244-0989-5.
    By Thomas Sovik
  • Joseph F. Chorpenning. He Spared Himself in Nothing: Essays on the Life and Thought of St. John Nepomucene Neumann, C.SS.R. Philadelphia: Saint Joseph’s University Press, 2003. xx, 220 pp. ISBN 0-916101-44-4.
    By Joseph N. Rostinsky