23.1 – Fall 2009: Table of Contents

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR, by Clinton Machan


  • Picturing the Death and Life of Jan Hus in the Iconography of Early Modern Europe
    By Thomas A. Fudge
  • Masaryk on Schopenhauer and Nietzsche within the Austrian Philosophical Tradition
    By Zdenek V. David
  • The Death of Milan Rastislav Stefanik
    By Vlado Simko
  • The Lone Star State of “Moravci” in Its Formative Years
    By Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.


  • Native Americans of the Southwest As Seen through Czech Eyes
    By Zdenek Salzmann
  • Lost and Found in Translation: My Experiences in Translating from Czech
    By William E. Harkins
  • The Slovak Production of Leaving: Looking Outward
    By Tracy A. Burns
  • The Game without Rules in Leopold Lahola’s “The Bird Song”
    By Tracy A. Burns
  • Czech-American History: A Post-Dissertation Essay
    By David Z. Chroust


  • Vilem Predan, ed. Hluboka stopa: Nezavisla revue Skutednost 1949-1953. (A Lasting Impression: The Independent PeriodicalSkutednost [Reality]). Dokumentace deskoslovenskeho exilu 1948-1989, no 3. Prague: Ceskoslovenske documentadni sttedisko, 2008. Hi, 648pp. ISBN 978-80-904228-0-3.
    By Mary Hrabik Samal
  • Madelaine Hron. Translating Pain: Immigrant Suffering in Literature and Culture.