16.1 – Fall 2002: Table of Contents


  • Imperial America in Adolf Loo’s Jubilee Church Project
    By Joseph Masheck
  • Singing the Blues: Intertextuality in the Poetry of Ivan Blatny
    By Julie Hansen
  • Language: The First Target of Assimilation
    By Roland A. Stiles
  • Vaclav Alois Jung’s 1903 Novel as a Document of Czech-American Immigration History
    By David Zdenek Chroust
  • The Years of Svoboda in the Texas Czech Community 1880s-WWI
    By Eva Eckert


  • Coping with the Past or Shaping the Future?
    By Josef Jarab
  • The Post-Tolerance Age
    By Tomas Halik
  • Prague: The Churches in Civil Society
    By Tomas Halik
  • Prague Journal: August 18, 2002
    By Tracy Anne Burns
  • What Czechs Think of America (United States)
    By Zdenek Salzmann


  • Timothy Cheek. Singing in Czech: A Guide to Czech Lyric Diction and Vocal Repertoire. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Pres. 2001.
    By Carlo Coppola
  • Daniela Fischerova. Fingers Pointing Somewhere Else. Trans. by Neil Berme. North Haven, CT: Catbird Press, 2000.
    By Virginia Parobek
  • Nicolas J. Wade and Josef Brozek. Purkinje’s Vision. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum, 2001.
    By Pavel Machotka