24.1 – Fall 2010: Table of Contents

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR, by Clinton Machann


  • Tomas G. Masaryk on Psychological and Philosophical Causes of World War I
    By Zdenek V. David
  • The Humanities in the Czech Republic after the Velvet Revolution (Academy of Sciences and Universities, 1990-2010)
    By Jaroslav Panek
  • Enlarged NATO as an Asymmetric Military Alliance: The Key to Understanding Mutual Czech-American Military Cooperation?
    By Petr Andel
  • Franko V. Sasinek — the Slovak Palacio) Attempt at an Intellectual Portrait
    By Josette Baer
  • Amorphous Identity in Eva Svankmajerova’s Baradla Cave
    By Laura Ivins-Hulley
  • Czech and Slovak American Historiography
    By Miloslav Rechcigl, Jr.


  • On the Chauvinism Flaw That Failed Mary Heimann’s Czechoslovakia: The State That Failed
    By No K. Feierabend
  • Czech History Told by the Japanese
    By Kenji Hotta


  • General of Air Force Vilem Stanovsky
    By Eva Stenovska Jonas


  • Interview with Professor Andrew B. Wachtel, editor of Writers for an Unbound Europe
    By Virginia Parobek